Online Language Tests

Online language tests for English, German and French

Q-LEVEL’s online language tests for English, German and French are qualification tests scaled to levels A1-C2. They test language skills regardless of when, how and where they were learned or acquired.

Candidates will complete the tests online. They will just need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection and a functioning audio system.

Test scope:

  • Languages: English, German and French (Italian and Spanish planned)
  • 25-50 tasks per test thanks to computer adaptive technology
  • 3-5 multiple-choice answer options per task
  • Test duration of 30-45 minutes
  • Automatically generated detailed language profile
  • User languages German, English, French

4 subtests: vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening comprehension

Thanks to adaptive test technology, Q-LEVEL tests are accurate and short compared to other tests. Q-LEVEL tests comprise 4 subtests that are evaluated separately:

8 minutes
7 minutes
Reading Comprehension
15 minutes
Listening Comprehension
15 minutes
30-45 minutes

For foreign-speaking adults worldwide

The Q-LEVEL online language tests are aimed at adults and young people aged 16 and over who take the tests in a foreign language (and not their mother tongue).

The online tests are for an international audience. Tasks, texts, situations etc. were developed as “culturally neutral” as possible. Misinterpretations can thus be largely avoided.

General language skills are being tested.

Candidates must be proficient in the Latin alphabet in order to take a test.