For Companies, Schools & the Public Administration

Q-LEVEL are B2B online language tests for companies, schools, the public administration, universities and institutions. They are being used in areas such as recruiting, training & development, schools, recruitment, labour market, university admission. For placement, assessment and large-scale learning progress measurement.

Use Q-LEVEL to evaluate the language skills of employees, customers, clients, course participants or students. To do so, simply register the test candidate in your personal admin account and invite him/her to take the test online. The detailed test result, including the certificate, will be available in your account immediately after completion of the test.

Application Areas and Target Groups

Q-LEVEL provides decision makers in institutions with a reliable, detailed statement of the language competence of the tested person. Possible areas of applications:

Recruitment of employees

Check the language skills of your national and international job candidates. Invite them online for a test and receive a detailed performance profile of the job candidates.

Training & Development

Use the Q-LEVEL tests to promote the language development of your employees. Test their language skills and obtain a detailed performance profile for the scheduling of language training measures. Or use Q-LEVEL to evaluate the learning progress of educational measures.

Certifying Achievement of a Language Level

Offer gradudates of studies and courses the opportunity of a degree including a certificate. Q-LEVEL is a cost-effective alternative to international language examinations.

Admission to Colleges and Universities

Check the required level of language approval by testing interested candidates in groups on site. Or invite the students individually to the test by e-mail.

Placement services

Evaluate the language skills of your clients. Complete the client dossier with the Q-LEVEL language certificate. Increase the reliability of your statement regarding the language level when communicating with your clientele.

Allocation to Language Courses and Educational Measures

Do you, as a cantonal or municipal authority, need a reliable, rapid evaluation of the language skills of a client? For example, for the allocation to a labour market measure? Q-LEVEL offers you this possibility.

Access to all Customer and Test Data

In your company-specific, personal customer account you will have access to all relevant data and have control over the testing in your institution.

You will be able to …

  • see which tests you have booked for which languages.
  • see how many tests have been completed in a given time period.
  • define test managers in your company.
  • register test candidates in the system and invite them to take an online test.
  • define whether the test candidate will receive a test result or whether it is exclusively mailed to your test administration.
  • view the detailed test results and display the test result as a PDF file.