Online tests for English, German, French and Italian – Milestones in the Development Process

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We can offer you the German and the English test in the near future. Now that the programming of the test architecture and the algorithm has been completed, the content development and piloting of the various Q-LEVEL online tests are proceeding at full speed. This is an overview of the milestones:

Summer 2019

  • The German test and the English test is ready for use, i.e. the piloting, statistical analysis and the revision of the tests have been completed.
  • German and English user languages are available.

Autumn 2019

  • The French test is ready for use.
  • The customer admin panel is ready. This allows you to register test persons, send test invitations and have an overview of the test results.
  • French and Italian user languages are available.

Winter 2019

  • The Italian test is ready for use.

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